Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Merry Christmas

Painted Nativity
Originally uploaded by Wilson Swain.
Dears friends and family,

It's a little strange to get a Christmas card in the post with a url link, but if you followed it, let me just say that, to me, it makes far more sense to send you someplace that gets updated regularly throughout the year. So bookmark this page, and check back in a month or two and then send me an email. The address is on my website--linked to the right.

It's been an eventful year. The highlights have had me completing two books--an early reader in comic book style for Innovative Kids, and interior illustrations for 'Why I Hate Other People's Kids' due out by Simon and Schuester. I can't post images from either till they're published, but stay tuned.

I'm starting to show up in galleries. You'll notice a few paintings on the site painted for specific shows. Last October I visited the University of Indianapolis for a week as a guest artist which coincided with a gallery showing. Soon I'll have three prints of my work hung permanently in the U of Indy Admissions office.

About the painting. I remember riding in the back of our station wagon on the road to see family on Christmas when I was about 7. I was thinking, 'with enough time and drive, a person could probably do just about anything'. And by that, my idea of 'anything' was to draw or paint something really well. An image of a flimsy little nativity puzzle I still own came to mind as my ideal 'good'.

Now that I do draw and paint well, I felt as tho a good image was due. It may not be my best or last nativity, but it is my first, which is always a nice place to start.

No matter your beliefs this season, or any, thanks for being a friend. And I hope to see you in the new year.

David W Swain

Friday, December 02, 2005

Pink Elephant

Originally uploaded by Wilson Swain.
I'm in a group show later this month up in Oregon.

I wanted to do something in the same vein as my Four and Twenty piece, and I like the imagery in Opera, even though I've never developed a taste for the music. I look at it and think of the few bars I know of a score 'Hannibal Comes'. I believe that the prince is returning to the woman in blue, but will end up with the lady in the green window. I'm not sure who is commenting from above.

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