Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Man in the Moon

The man in the moon
came down too soon
and asked his way to Norwich.

He went by the south
and burnt his mouth.
by eating cold pease porridge.

This is an old nursery rhyme my Grandmother remembered about the man in the moon when I mentioned him to her. I was driving about LA the other day and I accidently made a wrong turn onto Norwich Ave. There was no moon man there, but I did see a gentleman waving his hat.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Originally uploaded by Wilson Swain.
This is the final in my bears series. For those of you keeping score--the butterflies and goat from the last two images have been invited over for dinner. Three of my five band members have come along as well and somewhere along the line they picked up a grey squirrel. A bear's gotta eat, afterall. At this point, the kid's still alive and a butterfly is escaping--so there's hope if you want it. But I have to admit, I love it when my characters end up eating each other.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Butterfly Bear

Butterfly Bear
Originally uploaded by Wilson Swain.
I'm continuing on with my Bavarian Bear Series, which will go on display at Gallery Nucleus this Saturday in Alhambra. There are four panels and I'll probably post the fourth next week. I missed debuting a new image here last week because of an electrical overload-- but things are back up and running here, better than ever. At least that's what the electricians told me....well...it's what they seemed to be telling me. Nobody spoke any English. Perhaps they were telling me to wet my hands and shove a metal fork in an outlet, letting me stand there nodding my head, offering agua. In any event, the power is on again. What's the spanish translation for 'sucker'?

I forgot to mention that this piece was definitely inspired by my friend Jaime Zollars. With this image, I'm implying that the leaves in the first bears image were actually butterflys. Jaime did an image where the leaves on a tree, upon close inspection, were birds. I'm retroactively calling this an homage.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Misfits

The Misfits
Originally uploaded by Wilson Swain.
This is a panel from 'The Misfits' an early reader comic paperback available this fall from Innovative Kids. I'm putting up the panel without any of the text or 'meanwhile' boxes. To be honest, I'd have to go back and look to see if there's any speech bubbles in this panel at all. I know the dog has some 'bark bark' action going on in red because I put that in later. The finals on this image called for messier kids, so the printed version will have dirtier clothes, faces and hands. Angry dogs chasing kids--a few of my favorite things. But the Misfits usually wind up with the upper hand so have no fear, they will arrive unscathed!