Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I Hate Other People's Kids

I Hate Other People's Kids
Originally uploaded by Wilson Swain.
This new book by Adrianne Frost featuring my illustrations was released today. It's available nationwide at your finer booksellers, published by Simon and Schuster, filed under humor. Pick up a copy and tell your friends! Then have them tell their friends. And be sure to shift unsold books to most prominent position at Barnes and Noble.


mackaydesign said...

awesome! I'll look for it.

PS: You don't hate my kid do you?

Christina said...

Hey, I heard they're gonna talk about this book this morning on the Today show. Pretty cool! Maybe they'll show some of your work!

adam morrison said...

hey, mr swain. this is adam morrison, from paxton. my mom, sherrie morrison, told me that you had done some work for a few published books. i really enjoy your work. after i get my bachelor's in sociology, i'm going to get some form of certification or degree in graphic design. peace!