Thursday, April 20, 2006

The house at top the Slippery Slope

I posted this image as the splash page on my website, but I like to post explanations, so I'll tack it up here too. I originally had little squirrels sitting on the porch, but thought better of it and changed them to cats...well, a cat. The second cat came by request from a friend of mine who thought there was more intrigue with two. I thought about putting silhouettes in the windows, but for me it left too many questions. Somehow, like a puzzle, I prefer having all the elements visible, and then it's just a matter of locking them into place. That said, there probably is someone inside.


Queenie said...

This is an amazing piece!! LOVE it. The colors are fantastic, too. So...when are you going to send me my copy? ;-)

mackaydesign said...

Excellent! Color is awesome and I love the detail in the cliff side.