Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Polarbear Pirates

Originally uploaded by Wilson Swain.
Sometimes I think I know what I'm painting about before I start. Sometimes I finish and get surprised. Last week's piece held no cynicism for me, so I must have added a double dosage to this image. Looks innocent enough at first glance, but then I noticed that the discs I've built this world out of are a reflection of the gold bits in the treasure chest at the bottom right.

Everyone in this image is motivated by money. Even the sun itself, which I thought to be a compass or a steering wheel as I was painting it, may be a dabloon--pieces of eight. Seven pirates and a wench. The dolphins are free.


Amosfrie said...

This is AMosfrie from Indy..checking in...love your stuff per usual!!! Talented thing you are!

mackaydesign said...

Excellent piece! Gotta love pirates. The only thing better than pirates are pirate robots!

MiJa said...

This is gorgeous, with the colors and shapes. I love the discoveries you make as you went through the process of creating it.