Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reflections on a Hippo

Originally uploaded by Wilson Swain.
Early next month I will be having a show at Wax Poetic Gallery in Burbank titled 'Animals in Clothing'. I think this image cuts to the heart of the matter. It's composed so that the viewer is actually looking at their own reflection in a mirror. So I guess I'm telling you how to feel. Or I'm telling you how I feel? Probably not exactly. I recently made a trip to the LA zoo with a friend and we happened to arrive just in time to watch the hippos getting fed. I'm sure that's why I chose the animal. The titles 'hippopotamumu' and 'square of the hippopotomus' were both considered.

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mackaydesign said...

Excellent Illustration. I really love the colors. I've been sensing a progression in your work lately. I've always liked your work, but the pieces have become increasingly complex and sophisticated without the loss of your great design sense. Keep it up, man. You're inspiring us students over here!

Take care,

PS: My favorite animal of all time is the hippo. I'm still trying to discover why that is. I actually considered the hippo for the Toy Design class I'm taking, but I want to wait until I'm really good with materials to attempt it.