Friday, December 15, 2006

Infiltrate and Observe

Infiltrate and Observe
Originally uploaded by Wilson Swain.
It's the holiday season again. The time to take a minute to try and better understand your friends and neighbors by spying on them. Help Aunt Martha dry some dishes and you may discover how she really feels about Grandma Noreen. Pretend to nod off in the corner and Cousin Luigi may accidently tip you off on where, exactly, he buried the body. Alright, maybe family functions aren't as shady as all that, but we all have Christmas wishes, no? I think this jackelope dwelling rabbit could easily stand in for a Nancy in the house of Drew. And maybe sometimes we all feel like the blue bunny in a pink jackelope world. I know I do, but I also know that's not my reality.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic work as always!