Monday, October 15, 2007

the winter months

I'm about to post a three image arc from 'the ant and the grasshopper'. This is the last part of the story. I love cross sections, and this was a great opportunity to wander around underground. It's funny how characters can sometimes surprise you. I finished this image then went to my local video store, realizing the design for the ant had to have come from the attendant there. They wear the same facial expression--very odd.


John Rocco said...

Hey Wilson! These look great. Very jewel like colors, and I really get the sense of progression through the seasons. Nice work, keep it up.

Wilson Swain said...

Thanks John, I've run across your books on the new and notable tables recently. Always glad to see it!

Tina Huggins said...

Hi Wilson,
I am an education technology consultant, working with the Department of Ed in TN to create tutorial podcasts. One of the second grade standards is fables and a teacher scripted the Ant and the Grasshopper. Do you ever give permission to use your illustrations? I love what you created.
Tina Huggins