Friday, December 16, 2011

Brio and the Alien

826LA is a non-profit that puts on field trips for  kids in the Los Angeles area.  I like to participate in the storytelling/bookmaking field trip as 'the illustrator'.  The kids, often 1st-4th grades write a story together as a class while the illustrator draws it.  The story ends on a cliffhanger, and each child writes his own ending.  The whole thing gets bound together and everyone walks out as a new author.  For fun, I'm posting one story about Brio, a fox with a love for Michael Jackson dolls, who lives with her family in their den.  One day, while picnicking, a baby alien with 100 legs, ten eyes, and a face shaped like a cherry steals Brio away and takes her to his planet in his giant cherry spaceship.  There, he puts Brio in a brain switching machine. The rest of the Fox family builds an army, then a shuttle (from legos and bandaids) to come to the rescue.  But which being contains the real Brio?  I illustrate while the story takes shape.

These are 20 minute drawings! By seat of pants, rest assured.  Be gentle.

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