Monday, April 30, 2012

White Russian Hamster

I'm continuing on with a slue of formal animal portraits.  Expect at least a couple more.  I did a wikipedia search for 'White Russian', and I was surprised by the number of different meanings.  I'm now wondering if I should have given him a cup of tea and had him be a White Russian Tearoom Hamster, but perhaps that would have been going too far.

 I had a horrible track record with hamsters growing up.  My sister was able to keep Bud alive and happy for many many years, but I seemed to kill off at least three during that same time period.  One died the day after we got it.  That was my cue to stop with the animals for a while.  Then, in the 6th grade I got a couple of gerbils--a boy and a girl.  In two years they had 50 babies, which we either gave away to friends or sold to the pet store in exchange for hamster food.  I'd call that a good solution if I didn't shudder each time I walked past a pet store snake section.  Yes, I have done my part in the overpopulation in the gerbil community..or the pet snake community.  I'm not sure which... but blame me.

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