Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Oompa Bears

Oompa Bears
Originally uploaded by Wilson Swain.
Bavarian Bear Boy Bands attract cows, goats and dancing dogs-- you learn something new everyday. I think this one is finally done, but I may yet add a bumblebee or a butterfly bugging the bear with the drum. So I guess they attract bugs too. The fox in the lower right leads into the next image, which I've started. I've been most excited about not putting in the sky. I wanted a rolling wall of atmosphere and I think I got it. Maybe from here the Bears will tour Europe. Or maybe they'll take a nap. Hmmm... that does sound nice.

I have a print going up on Tiny Showcase this evening. Please check it out! www.tinyshowcase.com I've put a link to the right.

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mackaydesign said...

oompa bears came out really nice. there's no stopping you is there? I checked out Tiny Showcase and you're already sold out! Congrats.