Monday, July 10, 2006

Underwater Basketweaving 101

Underwater Basketweaving 101
Originally uploaded by Wilson Swain.
Ever feel like the rest of the world can turn grape jelly into wine when you'd be satisfied mixing a peanut butter sandwich without lumps? This drawing surprised me. I'd started with the idea of one classmember being jealous of another's ability. Then the proficient weaver ended up looking very matronly and maternal-- especially with the basket placed over her belly like that.

In a broader context, maybe this means that I'm jealous of children and childbirth... or maybe I feel that the whole human construct and conception is entirely foreign and bizarre-- akin to the furby phenomenon. Maybe it means I equate art and creation with life. All I know is that if I'd been able to take this course in college I'd have kept the deep sea diving outfit for social gatherings, private parties and bar mitzvahs.

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mackaydesign said...

Awesome. Always joked about underwater baket weaving as it's a merit badge you can get in the Boy Scouts. You succeeded in making the image in my head much funnier.